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Business Savings

Business Savings
  • $100 minimum balance to open
  • $2.00 service charge if low balance less than $100
  • $3.00 item charge for withdrawals in excess of 9 per quarter
  • Accessible with ATM

MOney market Account
A Money Market Account is a savings account that allows convenient access, you may write as many as three checks per month.  Don’t let that extra money set idle in your checking account-get paid for it. Our Money Market Accounts are a great way to compliment any checking account.  As long as you maintain the minimum balance no monthly service charge is accessed.  Interest rates are tiered so the more money you save the higher interest rate we pay.
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Certificate of Deposit
This account offers competitive rates and terms from 3 to 60 months to fit any of your investment needs. With a minimum deposit of $1,000, start savings today, why wait?

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