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The first organizational meeting of Peoples Bank and Trust Company was held October 5, 1906. The original incorporators were: John P. Adams, John A. Harpole, A.M. May, William Alwood, and S.L. Hudson.

Approximately four months later, in January 1907, Peoples Bank and Trust Company opened for business with capital stock of $20,000. The original quarters, in the previous location on the square, were leased from Mr. William Alwood for the sum of $150.00 annually.
John P. Adams, President
John A. Harpole, Vice President
A.M. May, Second Vice President
A.F. Vincent, Jr., Cashier
John P. Adams - 1906 to 1924
A.M. May - 1925 to 1944
R.H. Leming - 1945 to 1952
David King - 1953 to 1985
Wayne Bramblett - 1986 to 1988
Elmer Morris, Jr. - 1988 to 2012
Philip Calahan - 2012 to Present

Perhaps the most colorful director and president the Bank has had was Mr. David King, who became a virtual legend in his own time. Mr. King immigrated into this country from Russia at the age of 16, settling first in Philadelphia. A few years later he moved to the Coffee County area where he became known extensively as a "back peddler". Very successful in that venture, Mr. King later became involved in real estate, and eventually the majority stockholder of Peoples Bank and Trust Company. In his active lifetime, he amassed a multi-million dollar fortune. In September, 1986, the other stockholders of Peoples Bancorp, Inc. purchased Mr. King's stock from his conservators, thus maintaining ownership within the realm of the existing shareholders, and allowing the management team and employees to remain intact.
Peoples Bank and Trust Company is proud of its heritage of providing a complete line of traditional banking services. Operating hand-in-hand with the commitment to convenience is the Bank's emphasis on efficiency and personal attention.