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Other Services - Banking Cards

Cash n’ CheckCard

A Cash n’ CheckCard is two cards in one. The CheckCard part looks and works like a credit card except that money is withdrawn directly from your checking account. The ATM part allows you to use the card as you would at any ATM. Customers must qualify for card with a credit check.

  • Customers may use card to pay for products or services from their checking account wherever the Visa card is accepted including mail order and the Internet*

*Before giving your number out over the Internet, always make sure the company gives you the assurance of reasonable security procedures.

  • Ease of making purchases without writing a check
  • Itemized statement lists all check card transactions and location
  • Can be used as your ATM card and may include both savings and additional checking accounts. Customer may withdraw, deposit, transfer, make payments, inquire of DDA & SAV balance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • $1.00 charge for a withdrawal from non-Peoples Bank & Trust terminal*
  • $.50 charge for a balance check from a non-Peoples Bank & Trust terminal*

*some non-Peoples Bank & Trust terminals charge an additional fee for using their machine.

ATM Card

ATM are for customer having a personal checking or savings account and who are 18 years or older needing bank access after hours or while traveling.

  • With linked accounts, customer may withdraw, deposit, transfer, make payments, and inquire of DDA & SAV balance.
  • 24-Hour Banker Cards can be used at locations nationally & worldwide that display the Cirrus logo.
  • $1.00 charge for a withdrawal from foreign terminal
  • $.50 charge for a balance check at foreign terminal

*Some non-Peoples Bank & Trust terminals charge an additional fee for using their machines.

Visa Gift Cards

Looking for a gift that suits everyone and size, color or interest doesn’t matter….try a Visa Gift Card

  • Card fee is only $4.00
  • Can be used anywhere Visa is accepted
    • Minimum Load Amount = $10.00
    • Maximum Load Amount = $1,000.00
    • Expiration = 24 months
  • These gift cards are disposable – the cards cannot be reloaded with value. Once the balance is depleted, the card should be destroyed. The cardholder should never leave the card with the merchant – the user should destroy it.
  • Gift card is set up to retrieve cash from an ATM, a PIN is assigned by calling the 800 number on the back of the card. $1.50 per withdrawal/$.50 per balance inquiry
  • If customer accesses money at bank with a cash advance, there is a $1.50 fee.
  • Free access to get balance by phone 1-888-399-7511 or
  • Instant Issue cards
  • The gift cards have a monthly maintenance fee of $2.95 that will not be charged until the 7th month following card issuance. This is disclosed on the back of the plastic as well as in the Terms and Conditions.